Caring for your loved one is our passion


Our Mission

Actively promoting the recovery of individuals with serious mental illness through the use of safe, efficient and effective services.


Our Vision

To create an environment of hope and possibility that inspires service excellence.


Our Values

Communication, Optimism, Respect, Safety and Teamwork

What We Do

Northern Virginia Mental Health Institute provides inpatient psychiatric treatment to individuals by offering therapy, medication and case management services. We provide the care and services needed to help individuals stabilize and return to their communities.

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We Care

“I believe that not just one person is involved in actively promoting recovery for the individuals we serve. I believe that everyone here at Northern Virginia Mental Health Institute creates an environment of hope and possibility. Everyone plays a role in an individual's success, and integration back into the community, including the individual. I am proud when an individual is ready to be discharged after meeting their treatment goals and I like to think that I had a little something to do with that through supporting them in their times of need and helping them grow in their recovery.”

Yasmin L., Psychosocial Rehabilitation Aide

We Care

"I started employment with Northern Virginia Mental Health Institute in 2014 and it is truly an exciting, educational and empowering experience as a healthcare professional. Not only do I enjoy working at the Institute, but also I appreciate that I’m considered as apart of Virginia's Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services as a whole. I adore that the Institute's vision incorporates hope, and that vision contributes to fulfilling a life of possibilities for all Virginians at a larger scale. I am beyond grateful that members of the community, who receive our services, allow me to contribute to their recovery on a daily basis. Every day is not only a new day, but also a rewarding day. Our organization is truly the definition of "You get out, what you put in" and sometimes more!"

Randi Harris, CTRS

We Care

"After twenty years employment at The Institute, my experience of those working here is a genuine commitment to help individuals in their recovery."

-Dr. Laurence Levine

We Care

"Working at NVMHI for my first job out of college has allowed me to learn and grow a great deal, helping me to get a better grasp on what a mental illness truly is".

Shaun Hampton

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